Configuration errors detected - your DS-Record

I recently received the following error, and I can not configure Cloudflare:

WARNING: Your website may not work if you do not review and make the appropriate changes!

Your domain ( failed to move over to Cloudflare because you still have to remove your DS-Record. If you do not remove it, your website may not work as expected.

But, I do not want Ds-record in my server. can anybody help me? Thank you!

You will need to remove the record from your domain registrar / web host

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Thanks domjh, but they have already reviewed it but there is none, now I see that the dns are spreading but Cloudflare still does not change the status to ok :frowning:

Click the re-check DNS button in your control panel.

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It seems that I have to wait for an estimated time, tomorrow I will check the state again, I consider that 24 hours are enough for a correct propagation. I will be informing. :wink:

Your site already loaded via Cloudflare, now you seem to have disabled proxying though.

Your DNS setup is okay, so if your control panel still lists the domain as inactive clicking aforementioned button should do the trick.

As for your original question though, @domjh already addressed it and that should be the right approach.

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For now this is what I get in my panel…

You do have a DS record.

DNS shows:       86400   IN      DS      43881 7 1 596FD6886D1EBAE820997961166FDE3EB75C5BB3

whois shows:

DNSSEC: signedDelegation
DNSSEC DS Data: 43881 7 1 596FD6886D1EBAE820997961166FDE3EB75C5BB3

Validating resolvers can’t resolve your domain.

If your registrar says there isn’t a DS record, they’re mistaken.

If you want to use DNSSEC, you need to enable DNSSEC in Cloudflare, and then set Cloudflare’s DS record at your registrar.

If you don’t want to use DNSSEC, you still need to remove the other DS record, either through your registrar’s control panel or by asking their support to do it.


I try to activate DNSSEC but I have this message.
I’m waiting for support to tell me something about the DS registry

Ok, the support guys have removed the DS registry now it seems that everything is going

One more thing … the SOA warning is important or I can ignore it. Thanks!

the SOA warning is nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


mnordhoff Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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