Configuration errors detected: DS-Record

Dear community

We have a new domain that we have pointed the name servers of Cloudflare but currently, this is purely using the DNS functionality and no CDN(Yet).

We received this warning though, and i don’t want to activate the CDN until I understand and fix this issue.

I have checked the DNS and i cannot find this record, would this be on the hosting side and how do i find this and fix?

WARNING: Your website may not work if you do not review and make the appropriate changes!

Your domain ( failed to move over to Cloudflare because you still have to remove your DS-Record. If you do not remove it, your website may not work as expected.

Click here to learn more about a DS-Record and why you need to remove it.

Did you try to transfer the domain to Cloudflare or just add it to your account? What is the domain?

It sounds like as if there was a DNSSEC issue. Try to disable DNSSEC and set it up from scratch.

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Thank you for the reply, we ended up speaking to the hosting company as they had this setting enabled. We are all good :slight_smile:

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