Configuration authenticated origin pulls

My knowledge level is low - so i am lost how to resolve the issue below.

An e-mail from Cloudflare today stated “… detected that your configuration is using our Authenticated Origin Pulls feature.”
And mentioned the "expiration of the current certificate is on January 11, 2020 There was a requirement to “… update your origin server to authenticate with the new authenticated origin pull certificate”

There was also mention to: “For authenticated origin pulls to work, use Full SSL in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS app.”

Background: Last month the site had an Error 525 SSL handshake failure, the free web host recommended to change from “Full” to “Flexible” in order for the site to work and this resolve the error.

The e-mail from Cloudflare also stated: Download origin-pull-ca.pem and place the certificate in a file on your origin web server, for example in /path/to/origin-pull-ca.pem

Then add these lines to the SSL configuration for your origin web server:
SSLVerifyClient require
SSLVerifyDepth 1
SSLCACertificateFile /path/to/origin-pull-ca.pem

I haven’t any idea how to achieve the instructions given so any advice would be really helpful.

Also the link on the instruction page was just a blank page in Safari and Chrome.

I checked people with similar issues: Authenticated Origin Pulls feature
But there wasn’t enough instructions how to achieve what is necessary or how to check if authenticated origin pulls are what the dashboard is set to.

Any ideas would be really welcome.

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