Configuration assistance

I search for a CloudFlare specialist in France.
I subscribed to a ‘pro’ account, and I ned advices and help to configure waf properly.

Is anyone from France is a CloudFlare specialist ?

Please contact me by answering this post.

Thanks !

Are you looking to hire someone? Otherwise the location shouldn’t matter, should it :slight_smile:

I don’t exclude to hire some hours to a cloudflare specialist, yes !
But if the community can help me, I’m good to !

First question : Is cloudFlare can block Google bots ?
I’d like to prevent foreign countries visitors to access to my website.
So, I configure a firewall rule to block every IP adresse that is not french.

My question is : is this rule also blocks google bots and all indexations bots ?
CloudFlare says that search bots are in white list. Do I have to be worry about that when i configure my firewall rules ?

Thanks for your answer and your help !

Not by default.

Then you should extend that rule to exclude “known bots”.

( ne "FR" and not
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OK, thanks for this info !

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