Configurating DNS for a static site hosted using cloudflare and my NIC domain

Hi, I’m still pretty new to this stuff, bought my first domain this year and I’mtrying to host my portfolio website.

The domain was bought in NIC (Argentinian domain registrar) but I’m stuck trying to configure and add DNS records. As i said im using cloudflare pages but i am not sure how to get ipv4/6 to add to the DNS, i used a 3rd party site called nslookup, i introduced the IPv4 for type A with the name ‘www’, same with IPv6 for type AAAA and for the CNAME name root (@) and the domain given from the hosting as instructed in the ‘custom domain’ tab from my deploy.

It shows as Active now, however when enter my URL I get the error
"The page isn’t redirecting properly

An error occurred during a connection to [my site url]

This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies."

despite me not changing anything

Pages requires a CNAME record.
There is Custom domains · Cloudflare Pages docs which you should be able to follow


You just need to do the same thing that you did with www for your root level.


Which means i would have to delete the type A and AAAA right? cause otherwise i cant save the CNAME with a duplicated ‘name’

is that always the case, those types aren’t added to the DNS record?

Yes. But pages wouldn’t work with the A and AAAA records.

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Thank you so much! it works now!

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