Configurar email

Olá, boa tarde!

Estou tentando configurar o email mkt da e-goi no site e não estou conseguindo a resposta que o suporte da e-goi me passou esta em anexo.

Peço por favor uma solução, uma ajuda.
cloud para configurar email mkt

My Portuguese is terrible… which sad considering how many LatAm customers I speak to each week (but I am trying to improve).

Since the email is a screenshot I can’t use Google translate but I think I understand.

The problem is your SPF record has entries which when all the lookups are complet d exceed the number allowed by the standards the cover SPF records.

Take a look at this link for some possible ideas on how to simplify the record.

SPF Permerror - SPF Too Many DNS Lookups | EasyDMARC.

Unfortunately it’s not a Cloudflare specific limitation but rather a design limit in how SPF records are intended to work.


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