Config of cloudflare wordpress + subdomain - anything needed if just want to test wordpress APO

I want to check if there’s anything that needs to be done other than pointing CF nameserverse via the registrar because we have 1) wordpress main site w/CF plugin and 2) subdomain of '( —do we need to change anything on the non-wordpress site subdomain? We can follow the CF setup process, but just want to ensure the subdomain won’t get broken by only installing the wordpress plugin + pointing nameservers. What happens with the subdomain?
Thank you

If you point your domains NS to Cloudflare, ALL DNS entries are now also “moved” to Cloudflare. If you want to make sure nothing gets broken, please ensure that you have the right DNS setup. So if you want to make your site to work after the NS are set to Cloudflare, make sure you create a DNS entry for the domain ( that points to where it shall point.

Cloudflare most probably will automatically detect this and copy it over, but it case it does not, do it manually.

Keep in mind that to profit from all the good Cloudflare products, you will have to set your DNS entries to Proxy (:orange:).

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your reply
Do you mean that all records eventually need to be configured in CF?
when configuring domains in DO - you simply choose the target droplet you want to have respond to a specific domain.
Once you do it in CF, do I need to point to the record to the droplet IP?

Eventually yes. As I said Cloudflare normaly picks all your DNS entries up itself, but sometimes misses the exotic ones like “bashacajscahw.domain.tld”. These you would need to add manually, but you can do this BEFORE you change Nameservers, so there will be no downtime.

Yes exactly, you will need to point it to the public IP of the Droplet/Server/Application.

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Thank you
Also, since CF only provides 2 nameservers, should we delete the 3rd digital ocean one?

Edit, got it working by deleting the 3rd and leaving just the 2 CF nameservers. Also had to add one A record to CF’s dashboard DNS because it missed the onboarding process! Thanks for alerting me to the potential to have to do that. All setup now and activated the APO addon for WP which brought about a 10~ point increase when combined with WP Rocket and Smush. Will try disabling those to compare.

Yes exactly, as you already figured out you shall just use the NS of one provider at the same time. As otherwise Clients would try to resolve your domain at the other NS which ofc does not have your Cloudflare DNS settings/setup, which will result in an unresolvable domain in some cases.

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