Concurrent requests limit for a cloudflared Tunnel


According to the documentation, cloudflared can run replica tunnel instances.

The document also states that this allows the traffic routing via the same tunnel across various cloudflared processes for up to 100 connections per Tunnel.

Does this mean that a single tunnel can only serve a maximum of 100 concurrent inbound requests?
What if there’s more than 100 concurrent users making a request to a webserver that’s configured to use tunnels?



Hello @Akshay ,

No, those connections are the virtual bridges that allow your cloudflared to be reachable from our edge without your origin machine having to open any ingress ports on the firewall.
We send many requests, unbounded, multiplexed through each one of those connections. In fact, we may even just use 1 connection at a time and still serve hundreds or thousands requests per second over it. The various connections exist only for high availability (e.g., if your cloudflared is connected 4 times to 4 machines in Cloudflare edge, 1 of those machines may have to be restarted for maintenance, so it’s good that you have more connections to our edge that we can use to push multiplexed requests).


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