Concurrent connections?

Does anyone answer these questions? I contacted support - nothing.
My site has been seriously messed up with Cloudflare with user logins to my site down 60%+ and dissppearing from SERPs overnight.

Can anyone tell me - is there a a limit of concurrent users logged into a site in FREE tier? Like say around 80-90 connections - as it wont budge above that and I’m normally at 100-300

Any ideas welcome as to what I need to do

I’ve load tested a free site of mine up to 10,000/minute. So that’s probably not it.

Great thanks for that info:) - I’m really struggling with this as not v technical.

Any other ideas? - or you think it might be caching affecting/blocking the users login in some regions or devices?

I can’t think of any other reason.

Might be related to some sites have been hit hard with 40-50% drop in traffic from Google after the May core algorithm update.

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