Concerned! need to point cloudflare pages site to a new repo but might get stolen

there is no option for pointing to a new repo unless i delete it, and someone could take the url. If i were to buy cf pro membership and contact their support, would they be able to point my pages site to a new repo without risking losing the url rights?

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No. There are many good reasons to use Cloudflare Pro, but what you are asking is not one. Cloudflare staff do not make such changes.

If you are talking about the URL, there aren’t really any URL rights.

Most people attach their own domain name to their Cloudflare Pages project to ensure the URL is consistent.

If you do not already have a domain name, registering one would be a better use of your money than a Cloudflare Pro subscription right now. You do not have to purchase your domain name from Cloudflare. It is beneficial to use Cloudflare DNS with your domain name, but it is not required.

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what are you saying, i am asking to change the repo the site points to. it is not possible, but perhaps clouldflare staff could do it. the site traffic could be stolen.

every site points to a repo when it is first setup, but there is no option in the settings to change the repo. this makes no sense.

They can’t, and won’t.

As you already deduced, the only way to do this is to recreate the project with the same name and assume that nobody yanks it in the very very small window of opportunity between deletion and creation.

There is no other way.


what gives you the right to speak for cf staff? check your ego

Hi @planetrenox apologies for not using my staff account when I’m not actively working but just to confirm, what I said under @Erisa is correct.

Sorry for the trouble!