Concern about Universal SSL and ERR_CERT_REVOKED after disabling CloudFlare proxy

Hi Everyone,
I have been using Cloudflare quite longtime ago, we are on Pro plan, and one day I have to disable Cloudflare proxy in one of our subdomain ( Ex:, after that I have below error in Chrome browser, It has been there for 2 month.
After disable Cloudflare proxy, our sub domain will use our current wildcard certificate. We already setup it before using Cloudflare, and that certificate still valid until 2020.
We are OK in Fire Fox if we disabled the OCSP check, but the problem is we can not tell all our customer to fix this issue from their side.
Are there any idea to fix this error

And furthermore about our other website
We see that the Universal SSL will be expired in 22-8-2019, I’m aware that this certificate is managed and auto renewed by Cloud Flare.
But what if they are not (I have seen other people have a problem with auto renew certificate, Example here )
In that case I have to disable Cloudflare proxy, and then I will encounter above issue.

I hope someone can clear my concern.
Thanks very much

Certainly it’s a concern if the Cloudflare certificate expires and isn’t renewed. Any time this happens, you should immediately notify Support.

As a backup, you mentioned bypassing Cloudflare. As soon as you bypass Cloudflare and visitors hit your server, you need a valid SSL configuration there.

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Thank @sdayman
My Subscription does not allow to contact directly with Cloudflare Support
I will consider to upgrade my plan if possible

I already the valid certificate but after disabling Cloudflare proxy I got ERR_CERT_REVOKED, that’s why I’m worry, it’s seem that Cloudflare does not let their customer leave them smoothly

All plans here, even the free ones, come with Support. Just open a ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

That’s your server with the certificate problem. There’s nothing Cloudflare can do to fix the revoked certificate on your server.

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