Compromised password notification

I got a notification in iOS that a username I didn’t recognize and a password I never used was linked to web address, which led me here.

Is this something I need to be worried about or can fix?

Sounds like a phishing attempt. does not use a password in any capacity.

Interesting! Any idea how it would get picked up by Apple’s security settings alongside a bunch of suggested password changes and data leak notifications?

None. If you don’t have a password manager installed I’ll highly recommend 1Password. I know 4 passwords. 1 each for logging into my personal /work laptop and 1 each for my work and personal password accounts to 1Password. After having to reset 90+ accounts from a password compromise because I knew I reused passwords… I am fine once every 1.7 million years resetting those 24+ character passwords.

Not that an individual provider hasn’t been p0wned since then but it makes for 1 password change vs. 2 days of 'oh damn I have another account to update. Are there other password managers to choose from> Yes! Choose one, please. :smiley:

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