Compression not being applied. content-encoding: none

Ok - I’ve checked my cloudflare dashboard and everything looks OK. I have activated compression.

However, my main homepage html is not getting compressed and the “content-encoding” header is saying “none”

Any ideas?
The site is:

I’m not seeing any reason for this. @michael is a pretty good detective on caching. Maybe he can figure out why your homepage isn’t compressed.

I suspect that is the issue, and that the header is coming from your Origin. Cloudflare probably look at it and don’t know what this new compression format called none is, so the payload is left alone. If you do not do compression on your Origin, the correct response is identity.

Considering the other resources were compressed, I thought this wasn’t likely, as it would have been someone’s conscious decision to do so.

It could easily be that the HTML is going through an application stack (php, Django etc.) while the static assets are just being served from disk.

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Yes - the HTML is going through PHP - and, in particularly, Grav.

Seems to be a known issue:


Any PHP headers sent and/or set while rendering the page?
Or using some functions like ob_gzhandler() / ob_start()?

From this one:

<svg xmlns="" version="1.0" viewbox="0 0 2985.1 753.901" preserveaspectratio="xMidYMid meet" logodesc" role="img">

Kindly, re-check and fix the typing here: logodesc" not closed or finished, either due to “hard” minimizationr or some other reason.

Resource favicon.ico throws 404 not found too.

Thanks - yes I knew about the favicon and I think the svg error is just my typo…:slight_smile:

OK - will look into it. Thankyou - good to have a separate set of eyes on a problem. Thanks :grinning:

I need to look into this - so I don’t think it has been solved.
One question I have is: what difference does it matter. If everything is going through cloudflare why doesn’t it just compress the page and change the header?

Your Origin is telling Cloudflare “this content is encoded with the none encoding standard”. none is not interpreted as uncompressed, which you would flag with Content-Encoding: identity. Cloudflare does not understand the none encoding standard (mainly because it does not exist), so Cloudflare cannot decode the Origin response, and re-encode it using Gzip or Br.

You need to use a recognised Encoding format.

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