Compression makes some files bigger

Thanks, that proofs cloudflare makes files bigger by compressing them.

Also I dont get why we ‘have to’ set cookies at static ressources like images/fonts.
Yes I red but I dont need it. Actually this is just possible for Enterprise?

Would love to use as less cookies for ressources like:

.png, .jpg, jpeg, webp, .jp, .woff, .woff2, .ttf, .otf, .eot, .svg

Why do I want this: I do not have any benefit from setting cookies there. Yes seems to be more secure but at static ressources I dont want securtity over performance.
Also on .js and .css I want to set cookies as they are even smaller with cookies and compression then without.

Also this Thread about EU Law ( Disable cfduid cookie for EU law compliance - #5 ) states that just cookies which are

“strictly necessary for the delivery of a service requested by the user”

Are allowed to be set without asking for. Now as Enterprise Plan useres can disable it and are still able to run their sites they cant be “strictly necassary”!! They are necassary as Cloudflare wants and made them necassary for eveeryone but indeed they are not.

I would love to spend a PageRule to solve this problem like this:


Cookies: forbidden

But we sadly do not have the option as Cloudflare does not want us to set this.
Indeed this is another topic but this makes all static assets bigger then they originaly are so I think this still belongs to performance.

Cloudflare itself says: ( )

While some speed recommendations suggest eliminating cookies for static resources, the performance implications are minimal.

I dont think so!
As I do not use Mirage/Polish the only difference between the original File and the filesize getting transferred over the network are CF Cookies! Nothing else. No other Cookies are set

So for me the difference is between 200bytes and 1.2kb
Lets take the middle 700bytes and calculate.
I you do have a site CF makes your site at least bigger by

n * 0.7KB (n standarf for the amount of requests getting delivered over CF)

So for 50 requests your site will bigger 35KB becasue of CF.
My site itself is just 125KB big where 35KB are not “just 35KB” they are still 28%

And now think if the example @eva2000 showed. When you use Mirage/Polish the filesize will even grow! so additional 700bytes will add, not you load 70KB more then necessary.

I know that compression makes the TTFB slower but in the end is faster (beacause of the smaller filesize it have to deliver!) but now here on CF we have compression which will definitely impact the TTFB but leads to a bigger filesize!? For me this makes no sense.

At least we all should have an option to disable it if we dont want this.