Compression issue with older version of Safari (version 9.x)


I’m having the compression issue with Safari 9 (on Iphone6 but I guess that would apply to any iphone).

The error on Safari reads: “cannot decode raw data”

Here is my current setup:

  1. All my css/js files are gziped, the gziped files are then uploaded to s3
  2. These files are stored with the extensions .css, .js files however, not .gz
  3. All the files are correctly ContentEncoding ‘gzip’
  4. On Cloudflare, I turned on brotli with Argo

Things work fine on latest version of Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox, but on older version I get the above error. What should I do to fix the above issue? I suspect I may have to change the file name extension to .gz files but somehow that doesn’t make any sense? Filename extension should not mean anything right?

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