Compression for protobuf files

I’m using Cloudflare to serve map tiles in MVT (i.e. protocol buffers) format on It seems like Cloudflare is refusing to serve these files compressed to browsers because it’s not on the allowed list. This wastes bandwidth because these files are designed to be compressed.

Would it be possible to add application/x-protobuf to the list of compression-allowed MIME types?

What I’d like to see is either to be able to customize the MIME type list or have some kind of a switch that would tell edge servers to respect the compression from the origin. So whatever the MIME type, if the response arrives compressed from the origin, it should be recompressed by the edge servers (provided the client sent Accept-Encoding). It would be very handy when you know what you’re doing and carefully set up compression rules on your web servers.

If you pass the no-transform parameter in your Cache-Control header, and you have Origin Cache Control enabled, Cloudflare will not modify the payload, which seems to be what you are looking for.

You are correct, caching was in my head.

no-transform still applies.

I wasn’t aware of that, but the problem is that Cloudflare doesn’t support the Vary header, so this runs the risk of serving compressed content to user-agents which didn’t request it.