Compression does not work on JS files

Hello everyone,

I am just trying to move from firebase CDN to cloudflare, but somehow I can not bring my site to the same Lighthouse result. for example:

This is the exact same site with same items, but the served one by cloudflare (demo.uishops) shows error - “Enable text compression” on the .js chunks, and the another error “Avoid enormous network payloads” is also influenced by the big sizes of the js files.

I check on the firebase this files are just around 130KB while on cloudflare cdn they are 500+KB.

In cloudflare I set Brotli ON and in the header of the js files there is also

accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br

So the question is - am I doing something wrong, or what is the problem?

Best regards and thanks for any help

Ok now it works. Probably Cloudflare needed time to propagate the changes :slight_smile:

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