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I’m concerned about Cloudflare’s accessibility compliance. Cloudflare often works by presenting intervening challenge pages to a user, most involving a captcha. There’s been some discussion in these forums about the captchas’ usability for people with visual disabilities, but nothing about the general display of pages.

This came up because I was running some basic accessibility audits with the WAVE tool, and Cloudflare’s email obfuscation fallback page started showing up in WAVE compliance reports.

Here’s a sample of the Cloudflare page as it appears on any Cloudflare-protected site: Email Protection | Cloudflare

Here’s how it fails some basic compliance criteria for display: WAVE Report

I can find no official accessibility statement from Cloudflare. Does anyone know if something like this exists?


Tag this Post Title with JanJam and someone will probably get back to you on this.

[quote=“sdayman, post:2, topic:240172”]JanJam[/quote] Thanks. I will do that.

Ahem… I hope you’re not just messing with me, though “JanJam” is the name of a Zimbabwean clothing outlet!


It wouldn’t surprise me if @cloonan knew this. But, seriously, Cloudflare staff will be combing through posts to provide a ton of assistance.


I did not, but now I do, must be great minds thinking alike…:man_shrugging:


Not sure where this is leading.

Hi techteam! Thanks for flagging this accessibility issue. It’s important to me, as a member of the Cloudflare design team, that we try to make our products usable by all folks. If you notice other accessibility issues, please let us know.


Okay. I’m glad you’re receptive!

Here’s a screenshot of your default challenge page, showing several WAVE alerts and errors:

In order to locally debug Cloudflare’s many interrupting pages, you really need to install your own WAVE browser extension. It’s freely available here:

My site actually uses custom pages, and there are some issues even with Cloudflare’s small, fixed snippets for those. See the error and alert here:



Thanks! :raised_hands:


Oh yes. And thank-you for bringing up this issue.

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