Completely locked out by CloudFlare

Cloudflare diagnostics say I’m getting 520 and 521 errors, and that I for some reason magically don’t have DNSSEC files and some other type of file that I can’t get Cloudflare to show me again. I can’t even log directly in to the web site through GoDaddy since Cloudflare won’t let me past their system. Please help, I’m 100% locked out and there isn’t even a phone number I can call to get help!

These indicate an issue with the Origin web server. You can Pause Cloudflare, which will take Cloudflare out of the equation while you deal with the issues on your Origin.

As you are actually reaching your website via Cloudflare, DNSSEC is unlikely to be the issue.

Paused Cloudflare…tried to hit the site directly (http and https) and
tried to log in to WordPress (http) - won’t let me in to anything, I’m
100% locked out.

The site is no longer using Cloudflare, nameservers have been changed. If you are still seeing cf errors @user88411 please clear cache, try incognito mode, and/or try a different browser

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