Completely Bricked Site


Yeah i checked for my case and Chrome was definitely showing the “RED lock” for Cloudflare cert and my subdomain were not in there. Maybe some propagation issue with the Cloudflare network of certificates where some get a valid cert and some dont. I cant tell you, but all i know is Chrome was warning me “Red Lock” that cert was not valid and when i inspect it all it showed was cloudflare sni but not my domains/subdomains.

This guy has error 525 so he is not using Fexible SSL. Thats a different issue, he changed to “Full” probably because he was trying to fix the initial issue with flexible ssl.


Yes, the 525 was caused by switching to Full, but was done to try and fix the redirect error caused by flexible.


I’m back…and slightly more confused and leaning towards the wine bottle in my fridge for further clarification.

The site does show the CL SSL cert. Do I need to remove or change this since going to Full? Is this something CF will switch over?


Sorry for the confusion @helloterricaskaggs! The 525 that you get now you have switched to full is due to the fact that full needs an SSL certificate installed on your server to work. There isn’t one so it gives this error.

Essentially to fix it, you need to get an SSL certificate on the server. Either one from GoDaddy or ask them how you can upload your own one.


Ok so i see that her Cloudflare cert is issued by “CN = CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2” not Comodo. Where on my sites Cloudflare cert is By Comodo.

Cant add more replies :
Nice, that link about CAs published Feb 1… that change is the root of the problem likely.


@Gabber, this is explained in detail in my article here: Cloudflare Universal and Universal (Shared) Certificates


On the phone with GoDaddy now and it is indeed something I will have to pay $75 for to have a certificate installed on my server. I am extremely hesitant as to if this will work when I had cloudflare off and the name servers pointing back to GoDaddy, I had the same error.


Ouch! Maybe do consider switching hosts - that is very expensive. Lots of hosts include it on the standard package.

I can’t believe they won’t even let you install a 3rd party one!

Which error? The Too Many Redirects?

I see you have paused Cloudflare on the site and now get a protocol error. The site appears to still be redirecting to HTTPS but as you have no certificate on the server, can’t serve the page over HTTPS.


This is so insane…I told them I have my own certificate, and would like to install it. They said, they will only do it if I have hosting and domains through them. We confirmed that I do, he says, okay so then we have to charge you. Their loop is worse than the redirect loop.

He says my DNS is not pointing in the right spot. I confirmed it is.I have another site that uses cloudflare set up the exact same way and is working. I feel like they are intent on getting money out of me.

@domjh How do I get rid of the redirect https?


In Cloudflare, this can be done in the Crypto tab, there is an Always Use HTTPS option that can be disabled.

This is one of the reasons GoDaddy is fairly cheap to start with, because they make you pay extra for every little thing!


Yep, thought so. That’s been off for a min…since @gbtota offered that advice.


Not one single lie told!

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The HTTPS redirect does appear to come from your server rather than Cloudflare:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2019 22:08:39 GMT
Server: Apache
Cache-Control: max-age=2592000
Expires: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 22:08:39 GMT
Content-Length: 0
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8


Now it’s $118 for 5 SSL certificates instead of helping me remove this redirect and telling me how to do the CSR thing and uploading my own certs.


That is mad! They should definitely help you remove the redirect and get your site working over http at least.


Oh! You’ll find this especially delicious.

I apparently, I am on an older hosting panel, without cPanel. They can give that to me with the three options of me migrating my 12 years of files for ONE site, hiring a developer or paying them $99 per site to migrate them…and then I might be able to upload my own SSL.

They don’t do it for customers because they say that is a liability.

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Oh wow… At this point I would be walking out :joy:

OMG… really!

Incidentally, the server redirect has now been removed and your site now loads over http.

As it is a WordPress site, you might be able to transfer it yourself easily, but it just depends!


Sorry I haven’t been able to be of more help @helloterricaskaggs, I just really don’t know what to say - GoDaddy seem to be going out of their way to be unhelpful and, other than changing hosts, have no other suggestions.

I hope you manage to sort this all out!


It looks like I’ve been missing out on all the fun. Some thoughts:

  1. If you’re dumping GoDaddy, how many sites to transfer?

  2. To migrate a WordPress site, I love WP All-in-One Migration. Their free version can import/export up to 512 Megs. For $69, that limit is lifted and applies to all your WordPress sites.

  3. Digital Ocean has One-Click Wordpress installations for $5/month that include SSL. You’ll need to get a bit more technical to dig into configurations on this via SSH (Command Line), but their documentation is pretty thorough. You can also piggyback other WordPress sites on this installation:

Or do you wish to keep trying with GoDaddy?

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I run a wordpress site behind cloudflare in flexible mode, I fixed the redirect loop with the wordpress cloudflare plugin.

Also, please check if you can use letsencrypt. It’s free!