Completely beginner with DNS records

Could someone help me with some simple questions I have?

I do not know anything from DNS records. The hosting provider told me to use a CDN for better performance and so I bought a Cloudflare pro subscription.

There are twenty DNS records in the hosting provider, do I have to copy them all and create them all in Cloudflare, or just some of them and which ones?

Then I do not understand what is best for my website, dns only or proxied?

The hosting provider told me to create them all and make them all dns only. This way I get some benefit from Cloudflare or does the CDN only work if it is proxied?

I’m really in the dark.

Then This might help you

Definitely Proxies is the best

Hmm. I recommend you to add all of them as your web host provider said as that may function in the working of your website

Hope I answered all your questions you can revert back if any questions left

To start, only the “A” or “CNAME” record for your “” and “www” DNS entries should be :orange: Proxied. The others should be :grey: DNS Only. That will definitely work.

If you need more assistance, please post a screenshot of your DNS records, but black out the IP addresses before posting it.

I tried to make the records other than ‘NS’, but I could not create the ‘SRVs’, but I was told by the hosting provider that they were not necessary.
When I ‘proxied’ ‘CNAME’ and ‘A’, then a) other records with the same ‘content’ issue a warning and b) the email does not work.

Thank you for your time.

Personally, I’d get rid of the AAAA records, as they’re just duplicates of the “A” records and it’ll be less to maintain. The “ipv6” hostname probably isn’t used.

I’d also get rid of the “ftp” entry. If you actually use FTP, it’d be best to connect to the IP address instead.

A few records should be :orange: Proxied: the first “A” record for your domain name, and the ‘www’ CNAME. That should clean up most of what’s going on for now.

a) the warnings are normal because you host other services on the same server as a proxied website.
b) email doesn’t work? If your ‘mail’ record is :grey: DNS Only, email will work. Just make sure your mail apps point to the ‘mail’ hostname to send and receive, instead of the naked domain.

  • AAAA and FTP records, deleted.
  • “A” record for domain and the “www CNAME”, proxied.
  • Incoming mail, OK.
  • Problematic outgoing mail, after adding “mail.”, it’s working.

Thank you very much for the help you gave me.

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