Complete your Nameserver Setup? HOW!

I set up an account for this domain a couple of days ago, probably going on three days actually. I noticed that the Overview page never changed …and continued to say Complete your Nameserver Setup? So I talked to SiteGround and they said, Cloudflare was pointing the domain to my site, and that the site was up and work correctly. I was also able to access the site and WP admin. So I waited.

The next day still the same… so I went to back to GoDaddy and their page had your nameservers listed, so I waited. I did this twice and continued to wait. The second time I contacted them, they said the nameservers were changed immediately on my request. And directed me to the same page.

Today I got a email from Cloudflare saying:

We could not add the website to your account because your nameservers (NS) are not yet pointing to Cloudflare.

So I contacted GoDaddy again, and this is what the had to say…

Gigatala L at 15:52, May 29:

Sure, let me help you with your NAMESERVERS for
You NAMESERVERS are being managed by


Now what?

Can you by any chance have multiple accounts, that you are accidentally mixing together (being logged in to the one, while you mean to be logged in to the other one)?

It is correct that those two are the current name servers for the delegation in the domain registry for the mentioned domain.

But, … what name server(s) do you actually see in the bottom of the following page?

Could SOFIA by any chance be incorrect?

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Your nameservers do not match the pair in your dashboard at Cloydflare. They need to match the specific set allocated to your domain.

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Correct… 1 matches… 2 does not. I didn’t catch it thanks… I will edit at GoDaddy again.

I have this page set to Watching but for some reason I’m not being notified Is there anything else I can check?

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You can look in to the Emails and Notifications preferences on your account.

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