Complete your nameserver setup - does not work on one domain

I am setting up a domain on Cloudflare DNS. So far 4 domains are fine, but this one gives me trouble. It is registered with internetbs and Cloudflare overview keeps asking me to remove original nameservers regardless what I set.

Remove these nameservers:
ns-canada topdns com
ns-uk topdns com
ns-usa topdns com

I have set Cloudflare servers and they get set. I have removed one of NS and it works when doing

nslookup -type=NS dipmicro com


dipmicro com nameserver = ns-usa topdns com.
dipmicro com nameserver = ns-canada topdns com.

But the overview page still sees all 3. Even if I change them to duke/lisa like prompted, nslookup sees it right, overview page does not.

Btw. I had to remove dots otherwise it would not let me post this.

Your domain is still set up with TopDNS. You need to go to your registrar and replace it with Cloudflare’s servers.

Yes, I may have left it setup with 2 TopDNS servers, just to see what Complete nameserver wizard reports, it was still seeing all 3. I had it on Cloudflare several times before, tried to remove domain from CF completely and add it back. Regardless what I set as DNS servers, Cloudflare wizard sees all 3 TopDNS servers.

Anyway, the domain is now switched to Cloudflare nameservers. GoogleDNS and OpenDNS already noticed the change, CF is still hesitating, but I need to leave. Re-check tool keeps saying its still all 3 TopDNS even though its been sitting on 2 only whole night.

Hi @linka,

I’ve done a simple Whois search and can confirm that the nameservers currently configured for your domain aren’t the Cloudflare ones:   

You need to change them directly in your Registrar, the Internet BS in your case.

Unfortunately, the official documentation page mentions a video that appears to be no longer available:

I would recommend you consider transferring your domain to Cloudflare Registrar to start having a quality service - at a fair price.

I am afraid, it is not. The domain still points to TopDNS. You seem to have changed nameservers at your host, but not at your registrar. The latter is where you need to change it.

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Got it, thank you.

InternetBS has another functionality called Update DNS List.

user5737, hanks for the heads up about Cloudflare registrar.

I find Cloudflare DNS superior to Google DNS and on par with OpenDNS, so having everything under one Cloudflare account is appealing.

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