Complete Newbie - Error Reports through Diagnostic Centre – DNSSEC, DS Records, Site Speed

I am trying to find out if my Cloudflare is set up correctly and have no real idea what I am doing…

I am trying to find out if my Cloudflare is set up correctly and have no real idea what I am doing… My host is Bluehost.

I have done a health check through the Diagnostic Centre and several errors have been found:

  1. “Check DNSSEC Configuration" - no_dnssec_found
    The site does not have any DNSSEC records.

  2. “Check DS record configuration” not_found_ds_record
    The hostname has no DS records.

When I click on ‘resolve issue’ for each of the errors above, the only A and CNAME (I don’t have any AAAA) that does not have proxied as the status is:
A localhost DNS only-local IP

How do I go about fixing this so I can remove the error in 'Check DNSSEC Configuration" and “Check DS record configuration”?

  1. Also the third error report is under “Check site speed (TTFB)” - slow_ttfb_on_cache
    The response was slower than 800ms and the requested resource is cacheable on Cloudflare.

I clicked on Learn More but not sure what I need to do to fix this specific issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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1&2 you can generally ignore until you’re ready to jump into DNS security. This will not interfere with the performance of your site.

3 is new to me. Without knowing more, it’s difficult to guess why there’s a cacheable resource that’s slow. Was there a URL mentioned?

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Thanks so much for your speedy response sdayman

1&2 - Fantastic!
3 - No URL mentioned…

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Don’t stress too much about 3. It’s probably not going to break anything, but if you start noticing something on your site loading slow, that’s the time to look into that warning. Though 800ms isn’t horrible and generally won’t get noticed in the grand scheme of things.

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I believe this is generally referring to your root HTML file (home page) and your server took more than 800ms to respond.

If you can confirm your home page is always static then you can have a page rule to cache that home page.

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The wording looks different to me from the usual:

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Page Rule does make the resource cacheable :wink:

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Sure, but does it count if the page rule doesn’t exist? I’d be surprised if Cloudflare would alert someone that something is cacheable, when it generally shouldn’t be cached.

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Agree. It does look confusing.


Thanks again


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