Complaint: I continue to receive marketing emails from cloudflare

I’ve been getting Cloudflare marketing emails and newsletters from, despite unsubscribing numerous times.

On my account profile, the Communication Preferences is set to Cloudflare may not send me emails. I have had this set since I first registered.

Every time I receive a marketing email from CF, I click both the unsubscribe and If you would like to unsubscribe from all communications click here. links. I have done this many times over the course of months. Yet, I still receive marketing emails. The last one was Welcome to Security Week: here’s what to expect.

Normally when I continue to get spam like this despite unsubscribing, I blacklist the domain. But I can’t do that because I might miss important emails about my domain registration.

So, if I recieve another marketing email from Cloudflare (and I’m sure that I will), I’m going to post it here, and then I’m leaving Cloudflare and finding a new registrar. I will not tolerate this nonsense.

Hi there, sorry to hear that you are facing issues with unsubscribing our emails. This seems to me like a bug, rather than a feature. You’re welcome to create a ticket with us, if you didn’t do it already and tag me (@TKlein) with the ticket ID. We’ll take a look then and see what the cause for this issue might be.

I’ve seen lots of tickets were actually the exact opposite - too much getting unsubscribed. So this seems like a weird exception to me.

Looking forward to hear back from you with more information on this.

Best, Tom

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People complain about not receiving enough marketing emails from you? That’s wild.

To be clear, I’m not talking about outgoing marketing emails from my Cloudflare-based hosting (like many posts here). I’m talking about receiving marketing emails from Cloudflare to my own email address.

@TKlein, I filed ticket #2117437. Thanks for looking into this.

Tom is looking into this bug through the ticket I opened. As a workaround, he suggested I block emails coming from [email protected]. I have a good feeling that will work.

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