Complain - support at cloudfare

Well, “amazing” that you have to pay to get access to live support chat at cloudfare.

You have to pay for peoples time? What a bummer.

I don’t get this. Many ‘free’ companies don’t offer live chat, this is not exclusive to Cloudflare.

example Namecheap, Godaddy they have

You pay for domains at Namecheap, you pay for domains at Godaddy. If you are just using DNS at Cloudflare, this is completely expected to not have live chat. If using Registrar, I understand that it can be frustrating not having live support for your domains, but after all they have waived their fee from your renewal, which is how most domain registrars make money

I did not even found where you can submit support tickets

Are you using Registrar or just DNS? If just DNS, you cannot open tech support tickets, they do not provide this but you can ask here.
If you are using Registrar, you can create a ticket here:

understandable, but I have registered .com domain, domain forwarding is not working, there is no where ask except here at CF community.

I know about that one, thanks, there is only FAQ

This issue is most likely caused by wrong configuration on your end or DNS propagation. How are you making the forwarding? Page rules? Can you share the configuration you have set, what is supposed to happen and what is actually happening, as we might be able to help

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yes page rules

dns is default cloudfares

Domain is registered at Cloudfare

Can we have a look at the page rule you set? Or you can make a version where you put ***s or xxxs instead of the domain names/urls if you don’t want to share them

Is this domain always going to forward to the other, or is it a temporary move? If it will always be forwarded you should change the status code from Temporary to Permanent.
Can you check your domain on and confirm that it shows two IP addresses at each location?

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Should look something like this, but the two IPs might be different to the ones I have:

I have set no A records

Cloudflare does that for you, even if you set a CNAME as your root. It’s called CNAME flattening:

What does return for your domain? Does it have two IPs for the A record

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Is it enabled or disabled?