Compatibility With Weglot (WordPress)

Is Cloudflare services like cdn, APO, its plugin itself compatible with multilingual Weglot plugin.

Easiest way to know is to test, I’ve not seen that plugin mentioned here before.

Yes, it’s working but loading times of translated pages are very long !
We are investigating on it…
We use Cloudflare APO and Nitropack. It seems to have a configuration problem on thoses pages. Indeed, when I check headers, CF-Cache-Status is always MISS. So Cloudflare APO doesn’t seems to work well on those pages.

APO will always head to the origin whenever there are some cookies or query strings present in the request, except when the cookie or query string is in a special list of marketing-related strings like utm_.

Check your plugin documentation for more information. If the translation is done “on the fly” and not pre-cached at the origin, then it will in fact result in

Thanks for your reply. Here is what Weglot says about their plugin :
“You will have unique URLs for your translated languages. Translations are handled server-side for SEO purposes. You may have your own cache plugin installed for performance. As Weglot is located “behind” it, regarding which plugin you are using, sometimes you may need to purge its cache to see your modifications from Weglot.”

You should consider installing a cache plugin on your WordPress installation, or, if you have one already running, config it so that it caches those translations. It is beyond the scope of this community to help you further with that, you need to head to your plugin translation support community for help.

As far as Cloudflare goes, you can create a Cache Rule to cache those translations at the edge. This will take them out of APO’s cache logic, but will cache them nevertheless, with great performance benefits. You need to figure out what parameters define a translated page, whether a cookie or a query string, and define your expression accordingly. You then need to figure out how often to purge these pages from Cloudflare cache, depending on how often their content is updated.

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, we use Nitropack as cache plugin. As fa as your idea of creating a Cache Rule to cache those translations at the edge is concerned, this could be a good idea. However, Nitropack says : In all Page Rules that contain Edge Cache TTL, remove Edge Cache TTL, or set Edge Cache TTL to 0.

No Edge Cache TTL means no Cloudflare Cache. Do you want to cache or not? You need to decide what’s best for your installation and set your rules accordingly.

Ok thanks

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