Compatibility with HostGator

Sorry to put this here, I am newbie, I don;t see any “post new thread” option.

I was wondering if Cloudflare will work with, or do I need new host? That is, I have small budget and hostgator seems to want $100/year.

Thanks for help!

We are definitely compatible with HostGator. This article from HostGator support (UPDATED with new link) has a lot of info that you might find useful.

The restriction on newbies from creating topics is just to encourage new users to look around a little before submitting a comment. I’ll take a look and see if we should relax that a little more.

Friom Hostgator:

"How to Activate Cloudflare

The Cloudflare plugin is not available on accounts that have not previously enabled it, however, you may contact Cloudflare directly for assistance with using their service. For the best CDN/Firewall solution, HostGator currently recommends using TrueSpeed/TrueShield, included in all SiteLock offers."

Heistgator seems to be pushing their Sitelock program. They have sent me several messages that my website is under attack or already hacked, and I must buy Sitelock ($199/yr) to keep it free from threats.

Elswehere they refer to necessity of buying “dedicated IP” ($4/month) if using SSL.

I’m thinking I need a new host.


I am sorry about that. I must’ve been looking at some old documentation. Let me do some additional digging and see what I can find.

You can definitely use Cloudflare with a site hosted by Hostgator. I can say so with confidence because I was doing exactly that until recently. In fact I still have a small site on Hostgators servers running through Cloudflare. I think that in the past Hostgator was more compatible with Cloudflare because they ran an active support option through their C Panel for shared hosting customers. They have discontinued that and now offer a different CDN/ firewall option that involves paying a fee. However there is no reason why you cannot use Cloudflare. Just use the ‘add a site’ wizard on CF and change the DNS at Hostgator or whoever is your domain registrar. Bob’s your uncle. However unless your plan with Hostgator includes root access (i.e. you have a VPS or dedicated server) you will find that your logs will show Cloudflare IP addresses rather than the actual addresses of your visitors. If you have root access to your Apache server then you can install ‘mod Cloudflare’ which solves that minor issue, except that you won’t be able to do that if you have shared hosting at HG.

I have found that running Cloudflare and using their firewall rate limiter is effective to mitigate certain kinds of threats. If you are getting messages that your site is under attack or already hacked then I would take them seriously. I don’t think you would be sent such messages just to promote a Hostgator product.

No, Hostgator wouldn’t possibly do such a thing, send clever marketing
messages to make you think you need to buy their services!

And I believe in Santa Claus, too! :slight_smile:

I have been trying to setup https on my hostgator site and I came seem to get it to work. When i try loading https version I get certificate error. When i check the details of the cert, is says its issued by avast, to * Valid from oct 2015-2018.

I’m having the same problem. I get 404 from hostgator and it says “issued to:

Have you checked out the help article from HostGator?

Sorry i forgot to update. Apparently i miss understood the process. So when I saw that Cloudflare was active, I thought the SSL cert would be active at the same time. It appears that’s not the case. The following the SSL was working

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