Compatibility of Authenticated Origin Pulls with Let's Encrypt Certificates

Hello Cloudflare Community!

I’m currently navigating some intricacies regarding the security setup of my website, particularly with regards to SSL/TLS certificates and cPanel integration.

Firstly, I’m considering transitioning from Cloudflare Origin CA certificates to Let’s Encrypt certificates for my origin server. However, I’m unsure whether Authenticated Origin Pulls will seamlessly integrate with Let’s Encrypt certificates. Can anyone confirm if this feature will continue to function effectively with Let’s Encrypt certificates, or are there additional steps or considerations I should keep in mind?

Secondly, I’ve encountered an issue when attempting to access port 2083 through cPanel. The connection is returning an “invalid certificate” error when using Cloudflare Origin CA certificates. Does anyone have insights into how I can resolve this issue and successfully access port 2083 while maintaining the security benefits of Cloudflare Origin CA certificates?

Your expertise and guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance!

Feel free to customize the post further to better suit your specific situation and needs!

AOP and LE together is fine (I use them both), but they aren’t linked anyway.

The LE certificate is a server certificate, installed on your server that clients (Cloudflare if the site is proxied) trust to ensure your server is who it says it is.

AOP is used by clients (again, Cloudflare if the site is proxied) to prove they are authorised to access the server, so the reverse trust process.

When using AOP, you can use the Cloudflare certificate which will authenticate Cloudflare (so potentially any request passing through Cloudflare) or, to be secure, upload your own which protects your site from requests from other Cloudflare accounts.

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