Compatibility and multiple domains to one site

Domains are

I have questions:

I use AWS Lightsail which has cloudfront CDN. I heard about this and wonder if I should add this on top of it. My domains point to cloudfront, I want to improve perfomance and caching even more! Am I essentially doing the same if I use your product or would this be a plus?

I had an issue with a plugin that did caching based on domain. So although its the same instance, server, same content, the caching would break down styles when accessed on the domain because it would not recognise it.

Would I have the same issue here? Would Cloudflare know its the same site just 2 different domains?

I’d be very surprised if it did, in the cloudflare dash, each of those sites would have their own set of controls and attributes. Each site is distinct, even when serving the same content.

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