Comparing Cloudflare services with SiteLock


Hello everybody! I am new at the community and with Cloudflare, so please be patient if I do some silly questions. However, I couldn’t find this information, so that’s why I am posting it.

A client of mine is currently usign SiteLock for securing his website. I would like to know if someone with experience could tell me if we can replace each and every single service provided by SiteLock with those offered with some of the plans of Cloudflare. Maybe someone who has been using both services for a while could give me some insights and pinpoint the similarities and differences between the both services.

I have been using Cloudflare with some free plans for a while and that was enough for me, but now for this client, we would like to know if we can replace SiteLock totally with Cloudflare, or we need to continue to use both or do some balance among the two.

Thank you very much!


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