Compare Client IP against list of IP Ranges

I am looking for a simple way to check if an IP address is in a particular set of CIDR ranges? Say I have a set like this (just much larger, and the prefix lengths are variable)

const whiteList = new Set([

I want to do something like:

  const ip = request.headers.get("cf-connecting-ip")
  let isWhiteList = **whiteList.has(ip)**
  if (isWhitelist) {
    do something;
  else {
    do somethingElse;

Obviously the whiteList.has does nothing here. Is there a quick and easy way to compare the client IP against a CIDR list?

There is a package for this.


Thanks @Xaq. I had seen that package before, but presumed the whole npm, webpack setup would be tricker than it is.

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Yeah, still too much code for workers. I may code my own and share it here.

Did you find anything more lightweight for ths? >5KB for another package just to check IP addresses seems a bit heavy.