when using dns

Today I made an Ebay purchase. When authenticating to PayPal I was sent to when using as my dns server. This was with Warp one my pc, and with my router using as it’s DNS server.
I scanned with MalwareBytes and offline scan with Windows Defender, neither found a problem.
I told my router to use DHCP to obtain DNS from my ISP, and had no problem connecting to PayPal.

Looking it appears cloudfare host a site called
nslookup using my router dns


Non-authoritative answer:
Looking up result in Part of [AS13335 - Cloudflare, Inc.]

Did you have a question about companyfinder?

The question is why did dns server redirect from to
That should never happen and indicates a corrupt dns server

Both chrome and opera through up a big red flag telling me not to continue, that it was a dangerous site.

COMPANYFINDER.XYZ is able to infect your installed web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

I think you got some kind of adware virus on your PC :wink:


You didn’t read my post.

I believe they did. An internet search reveals that this is the result of adware:

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Let us make this simple.
I turned off
Problem went away.

I’m just posting to make whoever is responsible aware that there is a problem
Over and out.