Comodo CNAME hash


We are renewing a UCC cert with comodo. Adding a new domain to the cert. So we have to go through the domain validation process. The email validation doesn’t work so we opted for the CNAME CSR hash option for DNS. the domain’s DNS is with Cloudflare. we’ve added the hash details, with comodo’s help, but a cname check shows that the record isn’t published and the comodo validation check doesn’t succeed.
the hash details are as follows
Host name:
Resolves to:
Any ideas what we need to do to amke this work

Have you got the record set to :grey: rather than :orange:? It should be :grey: for validation.

Hi domjh,

There isn’t a cloud logo we got a mesage icon with “The Cloudflare for this hostname are being managed by [hashNumber] to request changes, please contact them.”

Ok, this message generally means that they are already on Cloudflare and so they choose :grey: or :orange: for the hostname.

Can you try changing the name of the CNAME to:


Replacing hash with the hash given and yourdomain.tld with your domain name. I have deliberately put your domain twice.

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