Comodo certificates on cPanel

Hi I want to move a site from Sucuri to Cloudflare as renewing Comodo Autossl certificates on Sucuri is a real nightmare (not having access to Sucuri panel).
The site is on a private server with WHM/cPanel.
How does Cloudflare work with Autossl certificates managed by cPanel?
Do I need to handle the certificate manually every quarter as I do on Sucuri?
Please let me know, thanks, Carlo

Unless you switch to an origin certificate (which however still requires maintenance) Cloudflare will not manage the certificate on your server. Only the certificate on Cloudflare’s edge servers are managed by Cloudflare.

Hi Sandro, thanks.
I do not know about Cloudflare edge, but searching Edge I found Cloudlflare plans, I did not mention it, but I plan to get a pro plan (20€ month) with WAF.
Is this what you meant? Would this solve renewal?
Thanks, Carlo

Edge in a Cloudflare context refers to Cloudflare’s proxy servers. This does not require a paid plan.

You still need a certificate on your server and that certificate still needs to be managed by you.

I have a subdomain on cPanel that uses AutoSSL which auto-renews whenever it nears expiration.

Thanks, that’s what I am looking for

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