Cómo transferir un dominio de Namecheap a Cloudflare


I am trying to transfer a domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare, I have the authentication code but I can’t find where I should enter it in Cloudflare. I am in Transfer domains but it does not allow me to select any domains. I find it a very unintuitive process.

I would appreciate further assistance.

We appreciate the feedback and I will make certain our Dashboard & Registrar teams are aware and look for ways to make this more clear.

In this case, the domain in your account is pending waiting for a nameserver change at your current registrar. Everything else like TLD (of .com), DNSSEC is not enabled, and expiry date at the current registrar all look like they will not present an issue with the eventual transfer. But first, you need to have the existing registrar remove the existing nameservers and add only the two from cloudflare that are shown in your account. Let us know if you encounter any issues. .


Thank you for your reply, which has helped me to proceed with the transfer process.

I have an additional question:

Does the transfer fee of $9.15 cover one year of domain renewal? My domain expires in April 2024, does this mean that if I transfer the domain to Cloudflare I will have my domain available until April 2025?

Thank you

Yes it does, this is correct

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