Community Update - Star your favorite websites in the dashboard

We’re excited to introduce starring, a new dashboard feature built to speed up your workflow. You can now “star” up to 10 of the websites and applications you have on Cloudflare for quicker access.

Give :star: starring a try and let us know what you think!


Been wanting something like this for a while. Thanks for adding it!

Minor gripe. It’d be great if the dashboard would remember that I’d previously enabled the filter. It’s a little annoying to have to click the star icon to enable the filter every time I go to the domain page.


Hey, thanks for adding this feature, I’m loving it!

Could the maximum amount of starred zones be doubled? After all, the Zones page displays 20 zones maximum, so it’d make sense that the maximum amount of starred zones matches with the maximum amount of zones displayed on one page.


Hey there, will certainly log your feedback for consideration. Thanks for posting!


Very useful feature but would be much more useful if your would please remove the 10 site limitation. Same for turnstile.