Community Update - Introducing Queues debugging from the Cloudflare Dashboard

Introducing new Queues debugging features on the Cloudflare Dashboard :bug::mag:

Cloudflare Queues is a flexible messaging queue that allows you to queue messages for asynchronous processing. Send and receive messages with Queues with guaranteed delivery and no charges for egress bandwidth. Cloudflare Queues integrates with Cloudflare Workers and enables you to build applications that can offload work from a request, send data from Worker to Worker, and buffer or batch data.

While Queues are incredibly powerful, as a product in open beta, it currently lacks transparency and observability. There was previously no way to inspect the messages currently in your Queue and no easy way to send one-off messages to a Queue for debugging.

But if you’ve taken a look at a Queue from the dashboard, you might have noticed a new tab :eyes:

You can now send messages to your Queue and list the current batch of messages in your Queue.

  • Something going wrong with your Queues integration? You can see the batch of messages your consumer would be pulling and send one-off messages without editing your producer or consumer Workers.
  • If you’ve been meaning to get started with Queues but don’t want to write a Worker, you can send your first message in a single click.
  • Documentation is available here and here!

Acknowledging messages from the dashboard coming very shortly as well (see the sneak peek in the GIFs)!

GIF of sending a message to a Queue from a textbox in the dashboard.
GIF of listing several messages in a Queue from the dashboard and acknowledging one.

Let us know if you have any thoughts or run into any issues. How would you use this in your workflow? Are there any other debugging from Dash features you’d find helpful?


Update: blog post now live here!