Community Tip - What to include in your post?

How to Use
Try the suggestions in this Community Tip before you post on this site. Include the details recommended to make sure your post gets the attention it deserves!

What to do Before you Post

  1. If you have a question, we’d like to help get an answer. Posts in the proper category with well-researched questions, clearly listed steps to reproduce, specific error messages & numbers, and screen shots receive better, more, and more rapid replies than posts with no details:

“My site does not work. Why? I did everything. What should I do? How to fix?”

  1. Check the FAQs before you post. Several hundred questions about using Cloudflare are asked and answered on this site everyday. Redundant questions tend to be missed, questions with actionable details engage conversation and get replies. Read the FAQ for DNS, & FAQ for Security, & the general FAQ.

  2. Search before you post. Include #CommunityTip the first time you search in order to immediately find Community Tips with advice & insight.

  3. Research support resources - Learning Center, Help Center, and Developer Docs. And, try the Tutorials to help you help yourself.

  4. It’s not you, it’s us. That’s a possibility, check Cloudflare Status or follow the #Cloudflarestatus Category on this site to see if there is an incident that is affecting your site.

  5. Find out what the experts say, start your search with #ExpertTip to search only posts from people in the know.

Include With Every Post

  1. The name of the domain about which you’re posting, your interest; visitor, owner, vendor, etc.

  2. Expected results & actual results? What did you expect to happen and what is actually happening?

  3. Steps you’ve take to fix it. What CommunityTips, ExpertTips, videos, directions, instructions, and advice you’ve followed to try & fix the issue?

  4. Screen shot of the problem.

  5. Specific error message & error code/number you’re seeing.

  6. If you contact Cloudflare Customer Support, please share the ticket number, we’ll share details from your Community post with Support.


  1. You may be asked to share your origin IP address. If you decide to share that information, know that it is sensitive, should not be shared widely nor casually, and ought to be considered confidential. If you like, :black_flag: your post as “something else” and ask that we redact sensitive details.

  2. Please, do not share personally identifiable information like email address, phone numbers, or any other details you would not leave in a public place for strangers to see.

Lite Reading

If You Need More Help
This community of other Cloudflare users may be able to assist you, login to Cloudflare and post your question to the Community. When you post on the Community make sure to include as much of this information as possible: the specific error message you are seeing, the URLs this is happening on, screen shot of the error, and the steps to reproduce the error. Please indicate what troubleshooting steps you’ve tried in order to help us help you.

This is a Cloudflare Community Tip, to review other tips click here.

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