Community Tip - Introducing the Cloudflare CommunityTip


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community, where people that use Cloudflare help people that use Cloudflare. In this post, we introduce a regular feature, the Community Tip. A Community Tip is an informational post on hot topics from this Community and Cloudflare Customer Support that are of broad interest to Cloudflare users.


  • Community Tips coalesce information from the Cloudflare Learning Center, Cloudflare Knowledge Base, Cloudflare Developers, Community posts, Cloudflare Blogs, experts from the community, and Customer Support in a centralized starting point to learn about Cloudflare, troubleshoot issues, and share information.

  • This site is 100% about helping you self-serve insight on the setup, use, and troubleshooting of Cloudflare. Community Tips speak to “the” issue, but not necessarily “your” issue. If you are looking to engage with the Community for insight or assistance, it is best to research and then post your question as opposed to commenting on a Community Tip.

  • Community Tips are visually differentiated from “normal” posts and are open for high-level discussion and comments from experts and those experienced with the issue.

  • Community Tips address best practices when configuring Cloudflare, how to fix issues you may see, and tools to use to help you troubleshoot.

  • To see the Community Tips, go here.


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