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For logged in users, when a post is displayed in a language that is different than your browser setting, you’ll see a small icon43%20PM in the toolbar under the post. Click the globe to translate any post to your language.

  1. Cloudflare Resource Library
    Refer to our latest resources in Chinese - Traditional & Simplified, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish to learn more about our service.

  2. Cloudflare Knowledge Base
    Look for the drop down menu to the left of your username for English, German, Spanish, and French versions.

  3. is available in a number of languages, click the drop down menu in the upper right to adjust to your preference.

  4. Localized Pages
    Simplified Chinese
    German (This Tip)
    Spanish - Spain (This Tip)
    Spanish - Latin America (This Tip)
    Italian (This Tip)
    French - France (This Tip)
    Japanese (This Tip)
    Korean (This Tip)
    Portuguese - Brazil (This Tip)
    Traditional Chinese

If You Need More Help
Every day, Cloudflare users from over 175 countries visit this Community to exchange advice and insight about setting up, troubleshooting, and using Cloudflare. Login and join the discussion. After login, click the universal translator globe icon :globe_with_meridians: to translate any post to your language.

If you need further assistance, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. If you contact support, make sure to include links to your community posts to help the Support Engineer help you.

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