Community Tip - Fixing "Ineligible for SSL"

Try the suggestions in this Community Tip to help you fix the error message “Ineligible for SSL” when enabling a zone for Universal SSL on Cloudflare.

The error “Ineligible for SSL” on the SSL/TLS app of the Cloudflare dashboard indicates the zone has been added to Cloudflare via a partial partner set up and is ineligible for Universal SSL. When this happens, you’ll need to resolve the issue with your hosting provider or add the zone directly to your Cloudflare account and control the zone settings via the Cloudflare dashboard.

Quick Fix Ideas

  1. The error “Ineligible for SSL” cannot be changed by Cloudflare. You’ll need to contact your hosting provider directly to see what SSL options they offer.

  2. Remove your Cloudflare setup at the partner and add the zone directly through your own Cloudflare account. Make note of your origin IP address and any other DNS settings that you may need to re-create in Cloudflare.

Lite Reading
Bluehost - SSL Certificate Information

Background Resources

If You Need More Help
This community of other Cloudflare users may be able to assist you, if not, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. When you contact support, make sure to include as much of this information as possible: the specific error message your are seeing, the URLs this is happening on, screen shot of the error, and steps to reproduce the error. Please indicate which of the Quick Fix Ideas you’ve tried in order to help Customer Support help you.

Expert Comments Appreciated
This Community Tip will remain open for input from Community experts and those familiar with this issue. We really appreciate comments like: “What are the three things to always try”, or “Do this first” or “In my experience”.

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