Community Tip - Fixing Error 508: Resource Limit Is Reached

Try the suggestions in this Community Tip to help you fix Error 508: Resource Limit Is Reached.

Error 508 means your account is exceeding one of your allocated resource limits. This is not an error that Cloudflare generates, it is an error from your origin server. The account on your origin server has resource limits that include CPU, physical memory, and number of processes. When your account uses more resources than your limit, you’ll see the message “Error 508: Resource Limit Is Reached”.

Quick Fix Ideas

  1. Check your server has enough resources like memory, disk space, and processing power. Your hosting provider should be able to assist in this investigation.

  2. Verify that an attack is not causing the resource shortage and subsequent 508 error. If an attack is occurring, enable “I’m Under Attack Mode”. If your domain is under attack and have this feature enabled, visitors will receive an interstitial page while we analyze the traffic to make sure it is a legitimate human visitor. Please refer to the guidelines for handling DDoS attacks.

  3. For domains with paid subscriptions, have the WAF (web application firewall) enabled. If you have already detected a pattern in the attack against your site, please review the OWASP and Cloudflare Special rulesets to see if we have a rule in place that you can enable to block or challenge the attack. Replace with your domain and access your WAF settings

  4. Check the Analytics page and see if requests are being served in cache. If most are not, check if they are sending no-cache headers. Try increasing Cloudflare caching with page rules to help offload requests/bandwidth.

  5. If the majority of the requests are coming from a specific IP address, block the IP addresses in your IP firewall.

  6. Please contact your web hosting provider and request your origin web server’s error logs and review them for HTTP status codes that match the error.

  7. Disable unneeded plugins or modules in your website to lower resource usage.

  8. If you’re a WordPress user, research how to fix high CPU load in WordPress.

  9. Upgrade your hosting plan to an option with higher server resource limits.

Research The Issue

If You Need More Help
This community of other Cloudflare users may be able to assist you, if not, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. When you contact support, make sure to include as much of this information as possible: the specific error message you are seeing, the URLs this is happening on, screen shot of the error, steps to reproduce the error, and HAR file(s). Please indicate which of the Quick Fix Ideas you’ve tried in order to help Customer Support help you.

Expert Comments Appreciated
This Community Tip will remain open for input from Community experts and those familiar with this issue. We really appreciate comments like: “What are the three things to always try”, “Do this first”, or “In my experience”.

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