Community Tip - Fixing Error 1004: Host Not Configured to Serve Web Traffic / DNS is still propagating

Try the suggestions in this Community Tip to help you fix Error 1004: Origin DNS error.

Error 1004 indicates that Cloudflare is unable to send requests to your server because its origin IP cannot be resolved through DNS. When this happens, in your browser window you’ll see “Error 1004: Host Not Configured to Serve Web Traffic” or “Error 1004: DNS is still propagating”. This is a different error than “DNS validation error 1004” that may appear on the Cloudflare dashboard if you have an incorrectly configured DNS record.

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Checks: nameservers, DNSSEC, DS record configuration, if connecting to ‘’ works, if connecting to ‘’ works, & for existing MX records

Quick Fix Ideas

  1. Most likely, you just recently activated Cloudflare on your site. Please give it a few minutes or so for the DNS propagation to clear or you signed up through a hosting partner. This message generally goes away after a few minutes, similar to recently activated accounts. If the error message does not go away after a short amount of time, please contact your hosting provider for assistance so they can check your site’s configuration.

  2. The site owner may have hard-wired DNS to statically point at Cloudflare by using a Cloudflare IP in the A record.

  3. Rarely a Cloudflare administrator flagged the site to be routed around Cloudflare at the DNS level or a Cloudflare administrator flagged the site for abuse or terms of service violations.

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