Community Tip - Cloudflare Notifications

This Community Tip outlines the types of notifications that Cloudflare provides.

Several types of notifications are available. These include Cloudflare Status, Certificate Transparency Monitoring, Origin Unreachable, Dashboard Analytics, MITM Detection Tool, and MALCOLM. On the Cloudflare dashboard, the Notification Center gives our proactive insights into critical edge infrastructure.

Registrar, basically free

Notifications can be set in the Cloudflare Dashboard. When you select Create a notification, you’re presented with options based on plan type.

Customers on all plans can select the type of notification they’d like to receive - Billing, Attacks or Origin monitoring.

Cloudflare Status is available in a variety of ways to suit your needs. shows the system status for the Cloudflare service, both edge network and dashboard/APIs for management. Visit & bookmark the site, subscribe to the site RSS feed Or, view status in the Cloudflare Status Category on the Community. And, watch the Category,

for notifications via email:

Certificate Transparency Monitoring helps you spot malicious certificates. Opt in and receive an email whenever a certificate is issued for one of your domains. Read the details on the blog and then opt in and receive notifications of certificate activity:

Origin Unreachable notifications alert the Super Admin proactively if the origin server is unreachable for more than 5-minutes. These notifications are enabled by default and can be disabled by the Super Admin. More details, Community Tip - Email alert, origin unreachable.

Dashboard Analytics delivered to you. Domain stats or aggregated data, receiving dashboard analytics ensures you have relevant content about your domains on Cloudflare’s.

MITMEngine, an open-source library for HTTPS interception detection, a MITM (Monster-in-the-Middle) detection tool used to build MALCOLM.

MALCOLM, dashboard displaying metrics about HTTPS interception we observe on Cloudflare’s network.

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What types of notifications would you like? What notification tools do you use today?

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