Community Tip - Are You a Category Expert?

We have implemented a Category Experts plugin. Category experts are posts by members of groups that have been identified as experts. Today, we are using the CSUP agent group as experts in all categories. Going forward, you could be a Category Expert as well!

We want to ensure when visitors to the Community search for help they find the best resources available. As part of the advanced search, we are introducing a Category Experts option. Category experts are posts by members of groups that have been identified as experts. This is visually indicated with a green circle and checkmark by their Community username.

Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 10.25.33 AM

Posts made by experts in a category are decorated with a green rule above their posts.

Category Experts that are also members of the Cloudflare Customer Support team have their posts further decorated with green shading as well as the green rule:

Finding Expert Replies

  1. Search for expert replies. Advanced search can filter on Topics with expert replies or without expert replies.

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 2.13.18 PM

  1. Finding expert replies. When viewing a list of Topics, posts that have Replies from a Category expert are visually marked in the Topic list with a Category Expert pill:
    Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 2.15.16 PM

Such that they can be easily distinguished from other topics:

  1. Viewing expert replies. To ensure easy access to posts from experts, clicking the pill on the Topic list will take the user directly to the expert reply.

Become an Expert

  1. Attain a minimum of Trust Level 3 on the Cloudflare Community.

  2. Email [email protected] with a request to be considered for Category Expert. Indicate your category of interest and list any relevant experience that you feel qualifies you as an expert.

  3. In your email, include an advanced search link to topics where you have an accepted solution and that are in the category you are interested in being an expert, similar to this link:
    Note the above link will return topics where you have posted and may or may not have provided the solution. We are most interested in evaluating those posts you’ve solved in order to understand how well you show your work and explain the steps to resolve.

  4. Complete the online training program to ensure you understand how to craft an expert reply.

  5. Review the template guidelines for creating an #ExpertReply

This is a Cloudflare Community Tip, to review other tips, click here.

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