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Hi, so we are getting closer to deciding on our CDN provider and very impressed with the Free plan so far…

My question is about managing DNS records like A,TXT,MX,CNAME
when all our sites are being proxied by Cloudflare
and we need to create subdomains and set up email dkim/spf etc.
If we have problems related to DNS specifics (which we have fairly regularly!),
Will there be a good enough level of support from the Community Forum?
(I sometimes feel we need a DNS expert on the team, it could be outsourced i guess?)

We’ve been relying on our domain name registrar for DNS management and advice
and it has been very inconsistent (to say the least!)

DNS is pretty straightforward, so it’s easy to get Community Support as long as you know which values you want for that DNS record and can provide real information we can verify (don’t obfuscate to the point of uselessness).

Thanks! so my domain is .uk which is not available here on Cloudflare Registrar (yet)
which means i can’t move my domain name registration here unfortunately.

To improve DNS provision/support we’re moving to a DNS provider,
which leaves Hosting (happy with current host) and CDN (Cloudflare).

Overall picture of 5 distinct (individual) service providers?

Domain Name Registrar
DNS Provider/Management
VPS Web Host
Email Box / Transactional

Is this a normal or recommended setup?
Previously we had the first 4 all together on a shared Linux server but now cheaper VPS Hosting has led to this separation of services!

I go with a similar setup, minus the CDN since Cloudflare does a good enough job with that for my liking.

  • My registrar is where I set my name servers to the ones Cloudflare recommends
  • Cloudflare has all my DNS entries, plus all the settings and services they offer while it proxies my site
  • I have a handful of VPSs with the same provider that has all my content
  • And my Cloudflare DNS points to the few email hosts I use for different domains

appreciate the feedback

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