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How’s that different from posting a link?

I guess you are suggesting something like StackOverflow.

Depends on whether they want to install the plugin into Discourse system:

If someone else thinks that a post may fix the problem, they may click “recommend answer” and it will email the person who made the post as well as send them a notification

I am not sure how that is different from posting a link.

But what if it doesn’t need a 3rd party link

What third party link? You post a forum link and that’s it. That’s what most people here already do. Can you explain how your suggestion is different and what advantage it has?

Let’s say there’s someone getting an Invalid SSL certificate error and someone says “Try checking to see if the certificate has been revoked or expired” and someone else thinks that could help they could click “recommend answer” and it would send an email and notify them within the cloudflare community website (to the person that made the post)

I guess the heart icons could do the trick. That wouldn’t email the OP but it would be a good indicator.

Oh, yeah that seems good facepalms

Hi @AppleSlayer,

This is the default for all replies anyway. If you create a topic, it is set to “Watching” which means you get a notification here and by email for any replies.

Also, posts that answer the question can be marked by the original poster, MVPs or Staff with the :white_check_mark:.

How do you get MVP or staff?

Staff are people who work for Cloudflare and MVPs are active volunteers who are offered it by the staff:


Oh, there’s actually a topic talking about MVP. Didn’t realize it until now.


The bauge leader (highest role possible) how do I get it?

The leader badge is just for Staff and MVPs and requires manual promotion from the staff.

What “ranks” (bauges) (EX: Leader) are there and what do they do?

You don’t get it, you earn it.

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They are not “ranks” as such, but are badges you can earn over time, there’s no way to speed up getting these, other than good contributions to the community.

Basic - New members after they have read a few posts
Member - Active members if they read and reply to posts
Regular - Very active members who have high stats, read time and accurate responses (takes at least 3 months + of active contributions)
Leader - Manual promotion by staff - MVP

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