Commercial use and DNS limits

Hello everybody,

We have a business and thinking about to use cloudflare as DNS provider for our customer. The question is now, that there is a which confuses us.

In the FAQ at the question Dies Cloudflare charges for or limit DNS queries? is the answer:

Cloudflare's authoritative DNS services are free of charge and Cloudflare does not limit DNS queries for a domain on the Cloudflare network.

Does that mean, we have some Limits if we use another domain register? And if yes, what type of limits are this?

And another question we had, is, what type of plan is the right for us? We find plans for website usage and so on, but nothing if you only want to use the DNS aspect.

Thanks in advance for the Answer ^^

Whether other DNS providers “have limits” depends on them and is something you need to clarify with them, though typically there are “no limits” as long as you don’t abuse the service. Again, something you need to clarify with them.

That really depends on your needs. I would suggest you check out Our Plans | Pricing | Cloudflare UK and pick the plan that is closest to your needs.

One thing to keep in mind is section 2.8 from the ToS as you need to make sure not to be in violation of it (particularly if you want to serve lots of media content in a non-traditional setting).

As for DNS resolution, there are no real differences between the plans. One difference is the proxy status for wildcard records, but that’s not really DNS but rather service related.

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