Comments about support

Contacted Cloudflare for support and the first thing the guy asked me if how much I pay, if you have a free account and or you pay $20 or more they won’t talk to you. So why should we give them free rides and data and allow Cloudflare to benefit when their customer needs help, there is non. Horrible representatives

So my site has been down for a couple of hours and GoDaddy tells me something wrong with my DNS and firewall at Cloudflare. When I call the number the agent is soo rude then hangs up on me. Call again another agent and the first thing they say is how much do you pay??? I pay every month for services how much I pay non of your business. Horribles support system and company representatives.

I don’t see any tickets with Support using the email you used here. The only zone I see in your account is showing a certificate error, it has a mixed of cf and non cf nameservers that appear to be propagating atm, and there are no tickets mentioning that zone.

Can you share a ticket number here? The plan I see does not include enterprise phone support, so I’d like to figure out with whom you spoke and the ticket number will help.


This guys just hijacked my thread LOL.

y, was unrelated that’s why I split it to it’s own thread

The support available on different plans is clearly visible on the pricing page and in the documentation.

Free plans only have access to the community, unless it’s an account/billing issue. Pro have access to email support and Business has live chat. Only Enterprise has access to support by phone.